Online Design Styling Kids Room

$350 USD


  • Questionnaire
  • Measure Kit

What You Can Expect

Create a functional and personalized environment by designing your kids' spaces with our Professional Design Team. Develop your kids' nursery, playroom, bedroom and other spaces online.

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll start by answering some questions about your space and sending in photos of what it looks like currently. Within a week, we will send you back a virtual design proposal. All online, we’ll share solutions for your space that are on budget, on trend with YOUR style, and ready to order!

The final design package includes a moodboard with products we have selected, an online shopping list with links to every product, and a tips + implementation guide to help you put the space together!

After the design has been completed, you can click-thru to purchase all your needs from our online studio using our online shop and/or other online retailers.

Good to Know

  •   You'll have homework to complete.
  •   Automatic log into our Online System at time of purchase.
  •   Complete the Questionnaire (select tab on left hand side after purchase) and use the Space Measuring Kit (located in the deliverables section on the left hand menu) immediately.
  •   Stackable with other spaces together (customized.) This package is for 1 space.
  •   Completed within 10 days**
  •   All details are uploaded in our Online Studio for you to print.

This Online Design package is a one-time fee and provides a moodboard and product selections completed by us. Floorplans, renderings, full construction drawings and elevations of custom built-ins or cabinetry are not included. Floorplans, renderings, and elevations for custom built-in concepts can be added on for an additional cost. This is not a full-scope interior design option. Our studio hours of availability are between 9am-4:00pm, Monday to Thursday, excluding holidays and studio closures. Please inquire with us for schedules and availability.

**We are not liable for delays outside of our control that may exceed the 10 day package schedule.